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     Post subject: Sichuan words learn of can be different from
    PostPosted: November 27th, 2017, 7:55 pm 

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    ld a material have already let military officer eyes in a few Jiangsu flush, etc. see the somebody else start distributing lunch directly green.Because they see, the logistic officer who takes armband how many soldiers is prying a wood box, the jingle pours out a lot of ocean text beef cans after opening forbears at up?This is also too extravagant?His Yang Qiu dug gold mine, incredibly Albert Suarez Youth Jersey and directly supply the troops foreigner the meat can!Mama Ga Ba Zi, Lao Tze's troops dozen livings to kill, every day also just three bowls of consomme noodles.
    Xu Shao Zhen didn't rude in behavior on the whole and continued to go forward, canned just walk a few ex- but agains stopped descend, saw a young military officer is lend°ing chow time soldier Xun words.
    "Change Li gold company's tax, look to seem be changed a name, but physically big dissimilarity.I beat for instance, you buy kerosene to return to Sichuan to sell in Shanghai, full Da son go to Hubei Barry Bonds Youth Jersey and hand over a Li gold, the boats and ships walked river up want to hand over a Li gold, entered Hunan and want to hand over once, waited until discharge in Sichuan to still need to hand over!Hasn't this calculated to sell have already for four timesed hand over.But the commander is unified behind?You as long as handing over once in Hubei, then handing over the slip of tax with Hubei, all the way lucid go directly to Sichuan, along the road who can not more accept, either can save how much so?"
    "Teach a member, shine on you this parlance, wasn't that commander a Kui?Still need to subsidize so many child's whites to go to school, which enough meet expenses?"A soldier worries.
    "The ensign beef that you are little to eat two bottles of flowers enough."
    "Ha ha."
    Teach the member Brandon Belt Youth Jersey how to follow soldier to coax to smile several voices, say:"The commander isn't a business again person, which have Kui the Kui is not of.Why does the commander want to do like this?In fact make understand money reducing finally arrived who hand inside clear.Money first province gives businessman, can the businessman can not earn all of moneys, either, they want the person who wants to buy many, will chase price cheapness down, like this can buy common people Be getting more.The common people buys have, so the merchant person is getting more, merchant a many, the tax accepted to come up, the tax comes up and then can take to subsidize a doll to study, common people need not again be provided for doll to study, can reduce a big pen money, this money again add to place thing.There is also agriculture tax, this time also want to reduce a half!Thus the common people farms income also many, also ability much Zan money flower sell."
    "Teach a member, Bruce Bochy Youth Jersey how do we listen to be like to round password?"
    "To, be round password, but round around is BE who?"Taught a member to suddenly strengthen tone, wielded arm to have much of demagogy:"For of is our common people of three provinces!The whole country is confusion now, north ocean the still deathless heart want to do full Da a sub- henchman!Still want to let us Hahn people's tax, pay Li to feed the full person that doesn't is a production!So we the national defense soldier must support commander's making good this governmental order and say one unpleasant to hear!Who fed us?Is a commander and three province of common people!We what is the slogan of national defense soldier ?Protect a Wei country!This is the house of 10,0<0,0=3 common peoples in the province, is you next door Chen Da Dun Ye, Wang Er Shu's house!If help those grounds of p

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