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     Post subject: well is which unscrupulous goods
    PostPosted: November 28th, 2017, 6:14 pm 

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    ese people, republican have to make everyone talk, so as to widely open to talk road to promote three developments in the province together."
    "Cruise to make magnanimity."Officials and private Shen representative who just didn't talk saw Yang Qiu don't get angry and attached in succession and get up, the in the mind secretly calculates this isn't a Jimmie Sherfy Youth Jersey direction of wind to change again?
    Yang Qiu warm and affectionately pulls Tan Yan goes together arm and wait ascend after wagon leave 2 people, sudden facial expression a become cold speech to ask a way:"Provincial governor Tan be not you bring of?"
    Tan Yan cold sweats all came out, don't see Yang Qiu young and once experienced after so many affairs he at last saw out, this absolutely was a person with resolute fighting, hurriedly put a hand way:"Cruising Ketel Marte Youth Jersey and making doesn't scare me, although Tan Mou faints Yong,cut Li and changes a tax what this kind of affair still support, all of this I issued order to close the bureau of Li gold and make several days ago."
    See he frighten temples Cape all sweat, Yang Qiu's in the mind laughs behind one's backs and says:"Provincial governor Tan doesn't be panic, Yang Mou just opens a fun, this period of time if not that you are Luis Gonzalez Youth Jersey steady to live Hunan fights for time for revolution, that have us three province now of situation, Zu Mr. An is really great achievement."
    Fun?This kind of fun will frighten to death a person!Tan Yan 闿's stomach is a black, hurriedly modest way:"All cruise to make to lead properly, Tan Mou is just add flowers to brocade, unworthy on lifting, unworthy a lift."
    Yang Qiu cross-examines 1:"Provincial governor Tan just says to support a new policy, don't know these days of do down can gain a lot of insight?"
    Tan Yan full brain hot sweat direct current, that has what insight?!These several days Hunan is all disorderly set of, free pour at school is well say, but the Li gold abolishes not to know to give offense to how much private Shen, all have the report the country gentry that doesn't wish to obey everywhere, embroil of his skin of head in Dalian become numb, if not that three teachers station in in time, Matt Koch Youth Jersey perhaps can already smell the flavor of mutiny.
    See his vision avoid being seen, Yang Qiu knows that the affair didn't imagine so smoothly and in fact he also knows that the Li changes a tax touch how big influence, but this matter he has to do!Cold way:"Provincial governor Tan lets go stem, I can not turn over at my sky!"
    The in former days hot jollification makes of long sand before four ornamental archway Li gold salt tea bureaus complete absence of callers, don't know as well is which unscrupulous goods, intentionally three save to inspect to make the public notice of dissolving the Li gold stick at front door up, in order to sneer at these bad Lis that search to pare off taxes squeezed out of the people.Wang Er's pock-markseses just came back from the wharf and carried on the shoulder the horizontal walked toward the Ya door to, saw an ash dark big fanlight public notice, after tored bottoming malicious Cui one mouthful.
    The morals of the world changed!A paper Li changes a switching on electricity of tax, he Li gold Ya in the bureau like this belong to a while adult cast off of object, in former days gather city up those als

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