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     Post subject: Accept and train most strictly
    PostPosted: November 28th, 2017, 6:28 pm 

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    denly realized to hold up, can he still not knows again Yang Qiu already at long sand, so finish Wu Chang to the telegram hair first.
    The Chiu text Bin doesn't know this telegram to be delayed, after finishing delivering telegram, did be thought to change the affair of war situation in Guizhou afterwards.
    Fill a hand grenade at Justin Grimm Youth Jersey telegram machine underneath.
    City in Guiyang in dead hour like the hell on earth, each place spread to miserably shout and yell, flame from everywhere blunt sky of but rise.Why will take place mutiny?Have no Qian soldier in history to go on an expedition Hubei, the troops is equal of two send why will suddenly and thoroughly break off good relations to get into nasty fight?The riddle regiment is covered in the arms and supplies voice.
    The second day morning, the news of mutiny in Guiyang because the telegram delays didn't°yet the inside of Yang Qiu Shou, he has already gone to Hunan to consult a bureau under the soldier's protection, Kerry Wood Youth Jersey can just get to doorway wrinkly next eyebrow, sees front door outside early wait dense one to correct to gather of because the Li changes a tax but benefits the person of the big Sun, the country gentry ground protect to correct to gather of have no operator, ground ruffian's rascal still has the Li gold Ya in the bureau to belong to closely foot to contain many several hundred people.
    Change to do another warlord probably simply opened fire to catch a person, who would like to also the explanation is so many, this year gun pole is the biggest!But Yang Qiu's imitating a Buddha don't see a sort, the vision bottom amazing in the one walked to become member.The conventional center is some be like 56 of hall, chairman's on the stage has already hanged up a horizontal, Tan Yan et al Koji Uehara Youth Jersey early and early waits at here, immediately start to mutually face after seeing him.
    "Everyone sits, I have no so many ruleses, as long as have the work done to go."Outside spread the voice that a burst of protest Li changed a tax right after Yang Qiu made everyone sit down, Tan Yan hurriedly started a way:"Committing tomfoolery is really a monkey business!Bearer gets rid of these people of walking."
    Didn't expect his words haven't finished saying, a fatty head big ear of the councilman suddenly stood:"Provincial governor Tan doesn't get angry, now was a republican, we always shoulded listen to the opinion of common people?The Nanking there hears even president's mansions all open to everyone, we listen to an opinion, this doesn't beat as well tight?Go around and inspect adult, you Kosuke Fukudome Youth Jersey say is be not?"Once Tan Yan facial expression change, the Nu scolds a way:"Tang Zhen Dong, you is this what mean?Today cruise to make to our Hunan chair a meeting is everyone's honor, how can can be committed tomfoolery by irregular person?"
    Yang Qiu Mi has eyes, small and soft conjecture this white of white very fat vice-chairman, just once saw report his letter yesterday, jumped out today, who doesn't the person like this beat to still beat?A pull Tan Yan to say with smile:"Council chairperson Tang's words still have several cents, truth of, Yang Mou is since what central government appoints, the nature should also widely open to talk road."
    "Cruise to make adult astute."How many councilmans start immediately to clap to have Ma Pi, Tang Zhen Dong also as won to slowly sit down, secretly inclined eye Yang Qiu, the corner of mouth is cold to hum a , from time immemorial practice a new government of can have several people?Besides still the touch is thus extensiv

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