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     Post subject: as it heads into AFC North play
    PostPosted: November 28th, 2017, 6:48 pm 

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    uch why want to take out hurriedly class of military officer of more than 30s Guizhou, did you still fear Cai E?"In Jiang Bai talk always all is Don't mention it, Sung son is pure to also become accustomed to, Madison Bumgarner Youth Jersey speechless say with smile:"100 inside elder brother, what I took out is a hurriedly class of military officer!These people all have been full to graduate a period for three months and have what relation with Cai E."
    The national defense soldier urgently lacks military officer, so the national defense university starts practice to succeed continuously reserve hurriedly class of, hurriedly class of inside more is technique soldier more the that time is long, the common army officer is all generally three months, but regular university class but need to be studied over 2-3 years just can graduate, so Jiang Fang shakes to immediately say:"If not that they to conclude time of industry, do you think that I will put a person?"
    Sung son is pure also lazy must manage him, ask a way:"You just say that Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi sends a material?Is a machine gun to still imitate to build of seven living five tubes to back cannon?"
    "I which know to is what?A s all seal with the wood box, I want and see to return quilt military police to hold up, however see size's being different from is a big gun."Jiang Fang walks to the front of the Mark Melancon Youth Jersey map after shaking finish saying and asks a way:"All six day, you can't haven't begun?"
    Sung son is pure don't deceive him as well, point at Zun righteousness to say:"Five teacher a camp have already led Zun righteousness, can arrive to Guiyang tomorrow morning at the soonest, a trip is following behind to walk faster, probably differ 1.Follow to just send out to switch on electricity to calculate this time from yesterday's Anne, Cai Song Po gets news should at three in the days to come, even if he immediately starts on journey, would not° until morrow evening also arrive."
    "It is quite good, Matt Cain Youth Jersey robbed first a hand."Jiang Fang shakes an ordering of satisfaction, suddenly again shake:"Unfortunately being not your achievement is a soldier stem of good."
    To this guy Sung son pure can Nao head, the text Bin safe recall Shi Bing of Chiu send back telegram, so everyone knows to is that he bombed out telegram in Guiyang to stand and caused Guiyang's canning not immediately and outward contact on that night now and plused Liu Xian Shi et al again first favour with annihilate an autonomy to learn agency and indocile soldier, until No.5 Anne fluently Matt Moore Youth Jersey just got news.So he admits on this problem that being that the Chiu text Bin is dry to get is beautiful, says:"First the hand is to get hold of, however Cai Song Po also some skills of, can not despise."
    "What skill?The nothing but is to follow that beam Qi super do foolish things just, have no own thought, have no own system, till the last a pawn for moving back and forth is just."Jiang Fang shakes to Cai E can nothing important good will, because this person lack his/her own position, particularly feel that he does obeisance beam Qi super is a teacher is that the vision is short shallow.
    Sung son is pure although also stay Germany,never once beat to hand over a way with Cai E so not the good opinion talk about and pull him to say:"Did not say these first, saw to send what equip, incredibly still deceive our army the president of the university."After waiting 2 people to arrive field in the school, Sung son is pure to just discover that Su Hong gave birth to also come, just at and Yang Qiu, who arrive after hearing the news

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