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    PostPosted: November 30th, 2017, 11:55 am 

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    Lead might be a naturally occurring metal , but unlike other metals found in nature, it has a tendency to cause irreparable damage to the human body as it directly affects the kidneys, liver, nervous system and the reproductive system. Unfortunately, lead poisoning is a common problem in countries such as the US , China and India, and this is why the world is now concentrating on lead replacement technologies.

    How Does Lead Affect Our Health Exactly?

    Lead is harmful for most systems in the human body. Since it accumulates in the body, it can simply sit within the body and act as an unending free radical generator. The resulting free radical damage and oxidative stress torments our skin and leads to accelerated signs of aging, among other health issues.

    The scariest effects of lead, however , are the ones that are irreversible. Lead exposure has commonly been associated with a negative impact on human intelligence. It affects the human brain in a way that is similar to drug abuse.

    The most common effect of lead poisoning is a suppressed immune system, which leads to all kinds of problems such as diminished immunosurveillance or a deregulation of immune responses. Increased blood pressure is another common effect of lead poisoning. The worst effects of lead poisoning can be seen in cognitive impairment and motor skills.

    Are You Sure?

    The CDC has constantly been lowering the blood level of lead that is considered to be dangerous for the past two decades. A study that published in The New England Journal of Medicine also talked about how lead levels ranging between 5 to 10 could affect a child’s IQ. Richard L. Canfield, a professor at the Cornell University, New York, has stressed that lead doesn’t have a normal range since it is not a part of the normal chemistry of the human body. This study , and many others like it, clearly show how lead can have adverse-yet-subtle effects even at very low levels. This growing understanding and awareness of the dangers of lead has increased the demand and in some markets and industries, the requirement for lead replacement materials and technologies. Such lead substitutes include other rare earth metals such as tungsten and tantalum, in addition to polymer metal composite materials such as a tungsten filled nylon.

    Who is At Risk?

    Occupational exposure is one of the most prevalent causes of lead poisoning. Those affected the most include tile makers, mine workers , paint factory employees and drivers. Children living in old houses with chipping paint are also at risk. Kids tend to have a habit of putting their fingers and various objects into their mouth and this is what ultimately leads to lead poisoning.

    How Can I Stay Ahead of Lead?

    If things were so simple, the statistics might not have been so bad. There are certain therapies such as the Chelation therapy, but it may be impossible to reverse the damage that has already been caused to the body. However, there is a simpler way of staying ahead of lead.

    Studies have shown that the best way to reduce lead is to cut it out at the very source. This is where Ecomass thermoplastic composite materials come into the picture. We produce application-specific materials for consumers that act as a lead substitute and can be tailor-made to individual objectives and budgets. Lead replacement technologies exist and are viable, there is no need to continue to expose ourselves and our children to the lead’s toxicity given the availability of lead alternatives.
    Suggestions When Using the services of New York Wedding Caterers and Other Event Catering Services Event planning is never an easy task. You must think about lots of things , from the invitations and the venue, to the event program and guest accommodations. Above all these items, you need to put sufficient consideration for the food items. The truth that most guests expect great food selections helps it to be the make-or-break part of every celebration. Should you be having the function in New York, you can get experienced catering companies to assist you. NYC catering providers can certainly help get a good event that will leave every visitor talking.

    Hiring catering companies can save you time and expense. That is true only if you decide on an exceptional NYC catering service. Bearing this in mind, you have got to take some time locating the most cost-effective company. It's wise to search for your caterers months in advance. With this , you'll have a longer period to decide which service you like the most.

    There are lots of catering companies in New York. Wedding caterers, corporate event caterers, and children's party caterers are some examples focusing on specific kinds of occasions. Remember that a children's party caterer might not work effectively in a wedding; so does a corporate event caterer for a small backyard party for several friends. With this in mind, you need to know the type of your occasion before selecting your caterers.

    Find out also the venue of the event. Is it happening on a massive hall or in a seaside resort? If it's a wedding event, would you like outdoor or indoor? Think of the details as well. Do you have a special concept on your mind? Will the concept require freebies and accents in the place?

    It will be simpler to find the perfect NYC catering company when you know these things. When you get the firm that matches your needs , the next thing is to sit down with them and go over your requirements and preference. This is also a time that you should request recommendations when you are new in hiring catering companies.

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