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     Post subject: adopting of Zhai son inside does business
    PostPosted: December 6th, 2017, 5:52 pm 

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    See on land utilization and economy, Guangxi although not equal to Guangdong, Hubei, but compare Guizhou like don't know how much compared to once have it as well with Yunnan doubly but all and, besides and Dallas Keuchel Youth Jersey there close to Vietnam, Guangdong.One can from French hand in buy ammunition, but another is go out to sea of necessarily through of ground.As long as canning take down Guangxi, he these all Du can really Be getting more perfectly deserved!Even if the contact doesn't ascend a northern side, as long as beginning with allied Yunnan, sufficient Yang Qiu had a headache.If can draw in Guangdong also, does people's party dare to also sit on the sideline Yang Qiu to recklessly extend?
    Wang Zhi Xiang is David Paulino Youth Jersey in Guangxi several years, person's vein is ample to have prestige, with pair all the of Du treat of by all means can accept plait public, chase new soldier in Guangxi one integration when the time comes, oneself's hand inside have 34 ten thousand battalions, also afraid of?!
    Thought of these, his look in the eyes adds more scorching hot, the greed once releases but open and accepts not to live any further!Immediately see to Liu Cun Hou et al of flank, everyone sees his look Doug Fister Youth Jersey in the eyes know meaning, the plum again the minister first embraces a boxing way:"All the Du makes firm decision, again the minister would like to beat first time!"
    Liu Xian Shi is obviously also the generation of the greed, just however was frightenned by the national defense soldier to frighten to death, heard at the moment that only 1 helps in Guilin, the idea also changed.Said again, getting a solid power always is better than seeing here other people's facial expression in Guangxi, say:"I and iron is some old friendships, rather I take a person to go to him and lead long to pull 1 in six glory courts to help."
    Now that 2 people all said so, Tang after the Yao also have no again opinion of asking Liu Cun Hou, malicious malicious a strike table:"BE living is dead, see this time!If the matter of today the half word Evan Gattis Youth Jersey came out this room, Lao Tze lived Gua he!"Just at for round Jian's Tang is inside five teacher commander's headquarterses in Guiyang of end preparation after the Yao department, because Yang Qiu of surprised the kind presence add more busy, the staff officers into pass in and out of at the same time, all smell decisive battle will to of flavor.In five teachers and lately set up all of the eighth mountainous country trips to mobilize, far all right move in the general staff of martial Chang, after three teachers a trip be transfered into expensive east jade after holding, two trip also receive order beginning to bosom turn ambulation.At the same time have been suppressing bandits a seventh infantry trip in the Xiang west be requested on the fifth inside stop all activities.At the same time for ensuring safety in Hunan, be always seen by the external world to for the country defend soldier absolute trump card, is accepting a teacher and two teachers that the field battle teacher reorganizes to also take out to adjust one to strengthen a trip, all through the night from man the sun go to a Xiang pond by ship.
    Plus the Chuan side earthquake Zhe Yunnan greatly manage sixth infantries trip, fully seven trip, more than 30,000 battalions keep cloud expensive.So greatly transfer nature to deceive however the external world, regardless is Peking or a Nanking, all knowing this time war in Guizhou was to c

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