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because of Chiu text Bin underneath
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Author:  jlsalh21 [ December 6th, 2017, 6:30 pm ]
Post subject:  because of Chiu text Bin underneath

od fart, small Ye I am compelled.Sun Nan stomach in Europe black 1, strengthen a courage to ask a way:"What is guard's connecting ?How many monthly salaries?"
"Monthly salary?Ha ha."Almost Bryce Harper Youth Jersey the break into laughter tears of more than ten guard, Lien Chan,s and privates from the same ship comes:"Company commander, I see you is work in vain, this boy is absolutely a Yu wood head."
The Chiu text Bin also smiled, a clap the head of sun Nan in Europe:"Boy, a little bit clever, waiting to beat to follow me doesn't run to spread.""H'm H'm."Sun Nan in Europe is smiled of ashamed, the head of Nao Nao of Mian Tian asks a way:"Superior what gun is this ?Is so short?Is the appearance still so ugly?And pipe."
"This?"The future generations in the Chiu's the text Bin satisfied hand famous Si ascends tommy gun, introduction way:"This calls tommy gun, is a commander to design, our Hubei builds by himself/herself of, Chris Heisey Youth Jersey even have no foreigners."It is said that the foreigners all had no, the sun Nan eye pupil son in Europes all stared out, Chinese sun of the hand builds in his impression is also imitate to build foreigner!Chiu the text Bin is tiny tiny a smile to have no again explanation, in fact he doesn't know how to explain as well.Because the guard connects to also just divide several ten, and commander also said when they tried out last time, this gun not is went fetch a material but is prepared through two years money seller.
To this he also has no idea, although it is said this gun appearance Be difficult to see order, but the power is fierce, with people dollar the type pistol uses similar bullet and button up a trigger 30 hairs play inside several boxes and then can fire away, moment of explosion thermodynamic power's directly doing to pour none of a rows is problem.And Liu Qing En assistant plant manager also says Clint Robinson Youth Jersey, this gun not only like and cost to compare new of 12 the type rifles are several cheap times, craft in brief even the jackeroos can make.Is so good, the power greatly makes simple arms again and makes out a material not to incredibly go fetch to sell and also need to wait to think impassability for several years.The not so bad guard connects because have special mission, equip a small batch test type, make everyone able to once lead to do habit.
The Guilin city in the eye starts quickly enlarging, the bullet voice beginning of chirps brushes past beside from the ear, often there are still several hair shells starting to take blunt sky of water pillar. Daniel Murphy Youth Jersey The not so bad enemy's attention all concentration at other several side, this place of enemy combine not much, depend a light machine gun and then can inhibit an enemy.After boat slowly once rounds big banyan, the granite wharf suddenly appears at at present, the Chiu text Bin just drew back gun machine, see suddenly flee inside an alley a more than ten Dian soldiers, uncovered several empresses that tie´Ż×ued rice straw two pretty large of admire the Qi opened Si machine gun to suddenly appear.
"Damn of, heavy machine gun."
The cry voice just rings out, opposite of admire Qi to open Si heavy the machine gun opened fire, the so near distance kept shooting boat, is almost a bloodbath!Da Da as the bullet of storm from sweep but lead on board, more than ten Cuos cannot compare with to defend of the guard, Lien Chan, private immediately pour at pool of blood in.
"Jump a ship!"The Chiu text Bin yelled one to jump down river, sun Nan in Europe also the Mao Lu roll inside in the river all of a sudden and also take advantage of an opportunity f

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