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     Post subject: long as canning allow the congresses to revolve
    PostPosted: December 7th, 2017, 7:02 pm 

    Joined: October 25th, 2016, 2:36 am
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    powders all concentrated rice hall, is annihilated in the news of Guilin to spread after the Yao department along with Tang, in former days person head the Zan move to fill the air failure inside the most prosperous momentary army camp and to the future misgiving, gossip Fei language more like delivered a crazy sort beginning to spread but open in the Dian soldier, the whole city all because food for Marwin Gonzalez Youth Jersey powder more and more rashness move but sink into danger.
    Corner of wall of long table of up, a few soldiers are chewing a plain wheat roll and silently whispering:"This news is true of still false?"
    "Leave of do I dare to say?Is what telegram stands small what secretly tell me, he still says now whole countries all are stating to beg for us, the Nanking even wants all Du to dismiss us all, also a justice in Guangxi."
    "Go to his Niang!Does his Tang do evil things to close our He Shi after the Yao?With what dismiss us?The everyones all hope monthly that pay silver to support family population and dismissed we eat what go to?"
    "Did you said to Max Stassi Youth Jersey calculate?!Guizhou had no, Guangxi had no, the national defense soldier both sides presses on to the border now, depend us 3 mix help can support how long?Besides you forgot them at three save how to do of?At the beginning war in Hubei faces north the ocean is several myriad people horses, his Yang Qiu all eyes don't blink to dare to dismiss a few teachers in Hunan, I see me or prepare to go home to order small business now."
    "Your financial situation good, that how do we do?"
    "Fix railroad Bai, Michael Feliz Youth Jersey not is say that Guizhou wants to fix a railroad?You does the whole body energy still fear that the nobody wants?"
    "Go to his Niang of, Lao Tze isn't a coolie again!Don't go, I am all going to seek the Du ask clearly, always can not let the brotherses all dismiss to starve!"
    The rashness moves a beginning to enlarge, more and more of the soldier threw in this topic, this lets silent looking at Han Jian Duo's cornered of mouth of all these to rise to smile an idea outside the window, to flank of the assistant made an expression of eyes, intentionally sighed tone:"The atmosphere seems to be not too to, go to and seek military police force."
    After a short moment, a few military polices walked to go into dining room and saw that several soldiers who take the lead to shout stopping a way:"Forbid to loudly clamor in dining room,did the soldier Mike Fiers Youth Jersey ruleses all forget?"Food for powder just on the fire head, particularly hear to dismiss everyone early and is a public sentiment to arouse courageously, see the military police drinking to scold a dissatisfied way of Rang Rang:"Cai Du is all dismissing us, says that two words also made a soldier rules?"
    "Gossip irresponsibly, who say all does the Du want to dismiss everyone?"The military police captain returns to calculate reasonable, but food for powder ignore so many, don't know as well is who yell 1:"Walk, see all Du, let him come out to say clearly, dismiss we at least should also to clear words!"The food for powder was stired up by this sentence, the soldier of not in great quantities clear circumstance started correcting to gather to fix to go to see Cai E to beg for parlance, the whole dining rooms are all arrived after hearing the news of the soldier jam, the military police sees the form know if again not suppress afraid of meeting important event, hurriedly pull out pistol, but haven't waited him to empty blare a gun, a suddenly and violently drink abrupt however spread.

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