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     Post subject: life time Kai hears here also sigh tone
    PostPosted: December 7th, 2017, 7:15 pm 

    Joined: October 25th, 2016, 2:36 am
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    who can take this heavy burden?
    Be like now, clearly sprinkle for a sky, important event, can these are two but even none of fart dares to put, how can amount to much in life?Thought of here, he also can stand out to say:"The big president waits Stephen Piscotty Youth Jersey a minute angry, really have important business today."
    The Yuan a life time Kai fears to listen to most now of is two"important business" words, hand one Zhan almost even spread the soup in the bowl to come out and luckily was apart from far nobody to see this to just suppress scared, can this act be still accepted by Yang Shi Qi at eye in, hurriedly replace inquiry:"Zhi An, yesterday big president still with I said make you serve as a new premier, how connected order take all have no?Exactly what matter?Does Yang Qiu strike against Guangdong not to become?"
    On listenning to Yuan a life time Kai have already promised oneself to serve as a new premier, the eyebrow Cape of Zhao Bing Jun is immediately many the pleased spirit can thought of this matter but again suddenly for several cents the Da pulls lower eyelid, several 10-year-old persons unexpectedly take to cry sound a head of to kneel to pour in the ground.
    See he kneel to pour Tim McCarver Youth Jersey the ground is an and he acts in collusion for evil purpose of segment the Zhi is expensive also close behind knelt down, these two timeses keep to get a fright the Yuan a life time Kai, panic urgently flurried hand at the Chan of old servant under start inquiry:"Exactly He Shi?Must be such."
    2 people haven't talked, after death the but again rang out the step voice of a burst of rush and hadn't waited to see a clear bearer, he has already knelt to pour in the ground, and the air strain yells:"Daddy, the important event isn't good!Yang Qiu yesterday arrived empress in Shanghai and Sung to teach the Ren how to fall into conversation for a night, this morning this morning."
    See kneel to pour Tommy Pham Youth Jersey settle in the Yuan gram of ground, Yuan a life time the Kai is more hasty, hate not ability one feet Chuai past, Nu way:"What is this morning?Still say not and quickly!"
    The Yuan gram certainly sees the father lose temper and hurriedly make toward Zhao Bing Jun an expression of eyes, the latter once connected past words tongue to make strain of shout a way:"Big president, his Yang Qiu and Sung teach the Ren how to reach what citizen cooperate agreement!Opened a press conference in Shanghai this morning, declaring 2 had to cooperate to run for a meeting election!"
    Yuan a life time Kai still have some have never become curved, after all come to party to this kind of party of affair he nowise acquaints with and hurriedly sees Yang Du.The latter heart bottom sighs tones again, arch hand way:"Big president, Yang Qiu and Sung teach the Ren how to reach agreement to unite three to choose, be say a people the party has already walked to arrive to go together Trevor Rosenthal Youth Jersey with him!2 cooperate to take down half seats of congress very probably, thus according to settling next 《provisional constitution 》 people's party and Yang Qiu and then canning cooperate to form a cabinet, you also had no business to interfere with!"
    A hear oneself also not the ability wades, Yuan a life time Kai silly eye, cross-examine a way:"How even I not did the ability wade?Is my this big president decoration not to become?"
    Yang Du's wry smile, this really is to lack too much to political party and the meaning forming a cabinet, explanation way:"The big president since promised adoption congress system, so the congress gets to choose

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