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     Post subject: the Ren how to sweep one eye he
    PostPosted: December 8th, 2017, 6:52 pm 

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    eeply entwine rather many, far from the in a short time can cut off.Chen China might as well settle congress first with him frankly and earnestly, for the country assurance in the house doesn't pull out of the Edmundo Sosa Youth Jersey constitution slowly shear its wing again behind."
    He simultaneously say part pant, the wound continuously has a black blood and arrived at last is also voice weak can not smell, but he still at do an end make great effort, insist saying:"One side in Chengdu, know Chen China not and usually person, sees you in the southwest and administer composition also steady heavy firm, Sung is some to know it in heart, you are sincerely a content for this nation.Now the young men of whole country top and bottom all again see you, hope that you can lead them well, the young man excites red-blooded but lead it easily come amiss, hopes Chen China livinged of the year can lead them well, don't want to walk another road!Promise me, protect a method!Republican!In no case can back!"
    He this severals say Eliezer Alvarez Youth Jersey very and lightly, in addition to minority of several people outside and basically the person basically can not hear clearly beside, can Yang Qiu but can understand, he this is to see national defense soldier and southwest biggest of concealed suffer from, the prospects of not rare emergence military government despotism, see him is right from the history road, if put probably can also walk before A noon another road, but bitter ugly behind rent boundary all over the place, country already not country, the national important strategic important position is all controled in hand by the great powers, the Japan hungry wolf casts covetous eyes Enos Slaughter Youth Jersey on more!Oneself's in front has already spread all over thorn!North ocean, people's party, country agency, and republican...etc., so many party groupings separations basically can not afford to come together people's spirit, can not even activate this huge nation survival at the last silk strength in the body, so have to to original of some things carry on turn over the sky replies ground of change!
    This is an antinomy that can not temper at all!
    Republican and despotism.
    Didn't wait until after the message of reply Sung to teach the hand of Ren slowly flabby, gradually slide from Yang Qiu the center of palm of hand, face such an in the article of death the fronts be all considering a national and future genius politician, he doesn't know as well to say what.
    But he has to insist standing down!
    While publically eying, Greg Garcia Youth Jersey he slowly starts to cover plain white cloth at Sung teach the face of Ren up, then just the modesty matchlessly respected a gift:"The Sir is to trust, Yang Qiu bears in mind to teach, necessarily will return people before letting go of human world law dignity, set up republican, don't take you give."
    He say before he dies, but don't lift now, five fangs in the court and Cai Yuan Pei be undoubtedly telling nearby, he still keeps insisting his own road currently.However 2 people have already could not listenned to implication at this moment, more in the heart is to people's party future misgiving, have no Sung lose Huang Ke Qiang of drive after teaching the Ren this genius politician, the mouthful without resort to Sun Wern of tables, or callous and cruel Chen is beautiful, who just can start to support people's party these 1/3 world?
    On February 4, 1913, lunar calendar New Year's Eve a night ago, Sung taught the Ren how to meet a sting die in English in Tienjin rent inside the boundary saint sickroom of Mary hospital, later historians unanimously

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