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     Post subject: drive cold sweat permeance
    PostPosted: February 28th, 2018, 3:46 pm 

    Joined: October 25th, 2016, 2:36 am
    Posts: 66
    rever shut last eyes!
    Zhang Gui's canthus is a bit red, although 80 millimeters of trench mortars don't stop to bombard,the Japan's Imperial Army depend on a very thick city wall still solid if strongly fortified city, he hopes that one more infantry keeps shooting at this moment cannon, so can directly bomb to open city gate need not to be filled this hole by flesh and blood.
    But ride a soldier connect have never kept shooting cannon, even connect heavy machine gun all have no a stand.
    Bite a tooth, take advantage o heavy machine of Japan's Imperial Army at the time that gun turned around he quickly climbed ten several rices before going toward again, then horizontal rolled into one to play pit.Just get into to play pit, his vision is abrupt however is getting more stagnate!Because play there is a war ally corpse that is been deep-fried by the shell to break a waist in the pit, although the flesh and blood is misty, even drag along bowel sons the quite a few rice is mostly far,still can distinguish feature.
    Is his together village brothers!
    Hope the brothers of dying, his eyeballs all want to blast open, they together since the childhood have fun greatly, far left for beyond the frontier to protect the Biao Ao war knife guest together, took part in revolution to strike against Xian together, again together joined a national defense soldier to ride a soldier connect.More than 300 day rains and winds not the training of interest, the common dream, make 2 people become the best friends.But!Now, he but drive deep-fried fall apart, even the whole corpseses can not send back!!
    Zhang Gui squats down in the dead angle to wail aloud to weep aloud, the tears not only don't dissolve a fury and on the contrary make him add exasperation more!After waiting machine gun to be again broken open by force by the thermodynamic power attraction, he is malicious from played a pit edge to pull to come to an explosive to wrap, then clipped it to fiercely rush out to play pit.
    Japanese soldier quickly discovered the soldier who tries to close to, several ten paid 38 type rifles to almost and all aim at him, but Zhang Gui has already not attended to up so many, his in the brain only one left mind.
    Is blunt, blunt, blunt!
    After a fish jumps to avert from a few bullets, the body is violent to is horizontal to roll on the loess, then list hand a support again connect rolled to take to climb to run several ten meters, at this time Japan heavy the machine gun discovered the guy that went crazy a sort, the machine rifleman was made an effort to turn round gun muzzle to sweep to come over.In the voice of Da Da, the bullet is flying shuttle but leading beside from the body, Zhang Gui knows that continuing to die is blunt affirmation doesn't go, hence the arrows treads rightwards on jumping and hide went into the second to play pit.
    The whole visions of battlefields were all drawn on in the past by his robust artistic skill, left for number not much rode large unit machine rifleman and tossed to play all of the tubes to aim at Japan's Imperial Army heavy the machine gun was fierce to bomb, tried to cover him close to city wall.But dive into to play pit of he still didn't stay away a heavy machine gun, vacillating bullet along play a pit edge the fieriness sweep dated, an among those wore deeply very thick mud to beat the left shoulder is at him up, a short moment whole shoulders all lost consciousness, the explosive pack also drops into in the ground.
    See quite a few Zhang Gui all have no for minut

     Post subject: Re: drive cold sweat permeance
    PostPosted: August 5th, 2018, 10:45 pm 

    Joined: September 17th, 2014, 1:29 pm
    Posts: 46
    qingyang city northwest of our military and civilian administration agency official, was a thoughtful Su Qinzheng serious shaw don and read carefully the intelligence information presented, while sitting opposite two ling day to put a face of peace, no expression.
    Well, you are so sure, that's good, I also think this Sun how south? Unless he got behind heathrow, reflecting intelligence nuremberg army and no action. breath a sigh of relief, although he does not believe Sun dares website
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    Cheap lingerie south, but there is no front is absent, he took on more responsibility, had to be more cautious.
    I see it Sun contraction forces. It is not what I wanted to have action, as seem to guard against what, he can't/couldn't be worried about the designs on our theatre is want to ? Shu side took a sip of his curled up water mist float YunFengBi pointed (come from the kansai county of bashan mansion of a famous tea), and proposed own view.
    Well, reasonable, very likely. He is now the three divisions of army gathered near the fucheng, but no other action, since is a kind of defensive stance, clear for who? Heathrow, impossible, the west of mulder, less likely, that is only we, who calls us to DE police divisions to move here

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