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     Post subject: precious jade walked to come in
    PostPosted: March 2nd, 2018, 4:22 pm 

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    "The Su plant manager comes to make collective report in the morning and say research and design mansion of company in Hubei are completed to ask eldest brother to cut the ribbon, so early in the morning top go out till now, estimate and is that the favour forgot time."Miao Luo finishes saying and pulls her to sit down to ask a way:"Elder sister Shi not is go to Luzon?How so quick?"
    Rui precious jade white Bobby Orr Women's Jersey the eye say with smile:"Not just seedling eldest brother, send telegram to say that your wedding day settled for me, so take ship to Guangzhou first, then change Ma Gan back."
    It is said that she rides a horse back all the way from Guangzhou, the seedling Luo also moves:"Thank elder sister Shi."
    "Dead wench, still have with me what polite."The Rui precious jade is tiny tiny on smiling, probably is all through the night walk faster very tired, so start to open hand malicious stretched one one lazy waist, Brandon Mashinter Women's Jersey don't think that the door suddenly opened at this time.
    Yang Qiu is just wanting how to suppress the mountain county has companion pass east soldier, don't make Japan so carefree, have never thought just pushed away a door to see arrive the seedling Luo that didn't see for a long time a double the arm open, the soft breasts was high stand, in that manner was like a wife to see the husband came in to suddenly come a big embrace each other, temporarily also stunned speechless.
    See him a pair Brandon Saad Women's Jersey of eyes stop a bouffant chest at he, the Rui precious jade also cans not helps cheeks a red hurriedly laid up to act malicious Wan eye, heart way how be a little small accidents all seen by him each time?Last time the clothes didn't wear well, stretch a lazy waist still and be seen in order to want embrace this time, perpetrate younger sister Shi to misunderstand how to do?She hurriedly and secretly sees toward the seedling Luo, discover the latter's imitating a Buddha don't see all of sort vision in the facial expression wearily Yang Qiu Shen up, the heart bottom is suffused with to have one silk sour idea.
    Not and from nasal cavity cold hum 1:"There is the person of wife and children, late come back don't know to send person as well to receive 1."
    Yang Qiu sees the color of the sky, just detection already very late, hurriedly spread a hand toward the seedling Luo apology way:"All blaming me isn't good, a favour gets up and then forgets time and definitely comes back from making a phone call first next time."
    "Be free, Brent Seabrook Women's Jersey quickly have a meal."Although this period of time still a go out all day long, somehow come back in the evening every day, the seedling Luo has already become accustomed to as well and hurriedly makes people add to pay a bowl of chopsticks again:"Elder sister Shi just from Luzon came back, don't also have a meal."
    Yang Qiu takes off jacket to after hanging well sit down detection to just only have three bowl chopstickses and ask a way:"What about grandpa and eldest brother?"
    "Went to two uncle's houses in the pharmaceutical factory, said to don't come back to have a meal tonight."The seedling Luo clipped a piece meat to fill to Yang Qiu, clip one chopsticks for Rui precious jade again and say with smile:"Elder sister Shi also eats more point and this time go out thin many."

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