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     Post subject: facial expression is dignified
    PostPosted: April 9th, 2018, 8:00 pm 

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    See from many contact if isn't an outbreak of war, probably he rather throws in Germany to embrace also would not like to with world's strongest national gutters.And result in the reason of this circumstance's also including a lot, Luke Weaver Authentic Jersey Zhu Er Dian false support Yuan a life time Kai, British government tolerates invading of Japan and also has the tariff to still hold in the hand up to now and denies a policy.
    Knock on door the way of thinking that the voice interrupted Bo Na De, twist a head to see go to seldom Zhu Er Dian and his Mo boon of assistant, John, of the south walked to come in.Bo Na De doesn't really Magneuris Sierra Authentic Jersey like this very fat guy, even the parliament don't like as well, because is exactly his judgment mistake to just cause medium virtuous almost walk to arrive together, also cause walk into Central America and quickly, if isn't a war probably the British Empire is in the influence of far east will drive three all destroy.But in consideration of he is before on the whole to help the nation the governance position for maintaining for more than 10 years, still full took a smile to face up:"Welcome 2 to Shanghai."
    Being full of in Zhu Er Dian's air is tired and missing, this was located on China to treat for several decades, and the old man who once stired up trouble or so this national political alignment of ability knew that his/her own political career has already arrived an end.Courtesy ground asks a way after saluting:"Bo Na De's you hears that you prepare to launch an acknowledgement negotiation with republic government?"
    After allowing people to pour coffee, and then pass for them Cuban cigar that Zhu Er Dian likes sit down, the Bo Na De's facial expression is dignified, by hand touch a forehead a corner of mouth Marco Gonzales Authentic Jersey bitter and astringent a while:"Being two to probably leave Europe is too long, I might as well tell you, England had got this time big trouble!German Army two weeks ago shot Kui French troops of Belgian frontier formally stepped to go into a France big plain behind, their speed very quick, have already pushed forward to be apart from not far Ma En He in Paris currently, two with in the week our country and France totally lost more than 400,000 soldiers!French government has been moved into Bordeaux, they have already worked well the preparation of losing Paris!"
    "God!"The John Mo boon in astonishment stood, is current British colonel to halt China military officer, he really knows the importance in Paris, if lose Paris so war can announce to end!
    Bo Na De seems to be also to feel these newses not enough astonishing and sighed tone:"Our Russian allies also appeared big bother, they at Tan ability fortress overnight lost two soldiers total more Mark McGwire Authentic Jersey than 300,000 soldiers!The thou of the Ni's pulling two a life times has already sent out to ask for help to us and ask us to immediately think a way to stop halfway a Sino-Japanese War, make him able to withdraw to station at 300,000 crack armies of far east.White hall also tells me, they discovered in the German Army Chinese troops' make type material in great quantities, these strengthening of material unexpected the war power of the German Army and Ao Xiong empire troops, particularly being a kind of light machine gun(tommy gun) that can connect hair can easily make a clean sweep of any Qian dike that we deploy."

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