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     Post subject: Asia the defense line just go behind
    PostPosted: January 2nd, 2020, 10:38 pm 

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    So Sung son is pure with Jiang Fang and shakes also very surprised that Roosevelt would take out this condition, the latter wanted to want to interrupt a way:"Matthus' general, do you how prepare to support Philippines and Southeast Asia?"
    The Huo Pu gold Si at heart a loose, Matthus is a more happy introduction way:"We hope to send an adviser regiment to Philippines, the set weaves about 2-3 to resist a soldier and totally needs to transport the material of 10 myriad people and gives to keep.Also hope that your country can send at the same time the experienced military officer provides military instruction, the help trains soldier and deals with Japanese together."
    "Only an adviser regiment, want to drag along the watering to me, keep Japan from continuing and extending to the Australia!This lame person, really beat good abacus!"Yang Qiu Xin's bottom is cold to hum 1.
    Join the army matter angle to see, turn head Southern Asia also need to take down tower Shi stem and the E wood Si gram, establishment stability of Central Asia the defense line just go behind.But join the government to cure angle to see, the position of second alliance makes Yang Qiu have to be careful!To know he values very much to the second alliance, because this is the post-war establishment to take China as the key Best Hunting Knife to Pacific Asia system to core!So all need to consider the feeling of second alliance in the middle of drawing up any Southern Asia and planning.If let the United States make moves first, affirmation will result in influence to the second alliance incorporation in the inner part, perhaps some nations and others will throw in embracing of U.S. dollar.And see Roosevelt's decision, the United States' supporting Philippines is power is necessarily going, even if oneself doesn't promise, estimating will also walk the road son of Australia or French colony, rather make use of this opportunity, as early as possible get up second alliance development, also can avoid slowly doing not make moves after continuously augmentative complaint in the inner part.
    Take oneself to be a gun to make to Roosevelt, but how to don't worry Yang Qiu.Roosevelt isn't a fairy, he has to subjugate and make moves in England to do a choice until France can insist.So after repeatedly considering, Yang Qiu ordered to nod to 2 Matthuses:"Please turn to tell president Roosevelt and really appreciate his support to the our country, I will quickly arrangement set the affair that set up a specialized organization to handle support Southeast Asia.I still hope president Roosevelt can allow an our parties representative to in due course visit your country and explain toward American people the our country is in this position in the war.As for train soldier."
    Yang Qiu saw Sung son that the eye want to talk pure and twisted a way:"I can't obstruct personal behavior that the our country backs service military officer."
    Matthus and the Huo Pu gold Si naturally clear what call"back service military officer", the in the mind is very happy.But prepare to send a representative to visit a some disregard in the United States solution to Yang Qiu, only Sung son is pure with Jiang Fang's earthquake clear, this is paving road surfacing for trembling a , that"big burden".

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