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     Post subject: abrupt however breaks wharf joyful atmosphere
    PostPosted: November 27th, 2017, 7:41 pm 

    Joined: October 25th, 2016, 2:36 am
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    n was like to deliver on all sides crazy the Sao get up indiscriminately.
    Zhang Zhen Wu's brain is quick, know to have already didn't way out, immediately pull out a gun to fling out hand grenade to yell a way:"The Nanking has been already made!Kill Yang Qiu!!"
    "The Nanking has been already made!Kill Yang Qiu!"
    "Kill!Kill Yang Qiu Gou's thief!"
    The voice rings out at the same time, two hand grenades suddenly throw to Yang Qiu, the distance is still too far, so Zhang Zhen Wu flies to soon pull out a gun to open fire to hurtle toward Yang Qiu all Adam Wainwright Youth Jersey the way to, those more than ten elder brother Paos and assassin who conceal in the crowd at the same time also pull out gun wild blow in succession.2 people who adopt this time stare at a way of doing, so once these people begin, the guards of flank also make moves in succession and all flood on a short moment whole wharf full yell and gun voice.What Chen Hao Hui had eyes fixed on is the most dangerous gold Lai Li, but gold Lai Li not the Kui is the old oil son that mixed in the lake for several decades at the river, see the Rui precious jade rush out and then know far from good, so the one step has already followed behind Albert Pujols Youth Jersey Zhang Zhen Wu to hurtle and go out, a beat away to win a few guards after get away from Chen Hao Hui, delivered crazy sort to hurtle to Yang Qiu who has already been heavily protected.
    Say to is slowly and actually quick then, in fact rush out to go to gold Lai Li to open fire in a row from the Rui precious jade however short few time, abrupt however the gun voice ringing out let whole canvass business wharves in the bureau all sank into frenzy, cried to shout and shouted and vehemence of gun voice for an instant will whole Hankow book go in.
    Bombing two violent explosions is to push a turmoil to the tallest tide, Zhang Zhen Wu flings out hand grenade and knows distance too far, so unexpectedly neglect and sweep of play slice and gold Lai the Aledmys Diaz Youth Jersey Li hurtled over there together, vehemence of gun voice in continuously someone fell flop, even just rounded the officials who nearby flattered in Yang Qiu all death and harm is many.
    When waiting until 2 people to once hurtle a smoke to see would hurtle into wharf, two and rim of bowl the thick stick lent machine to sweep to their foot at the same time and had never waited and understood 2 people be repeatedly swept Lie Ju, early remain on standby many of the guard connects soldier immediately fly and charge forward and die 2 people to dead press at ground up strike and kick.Zhang Zhen Wu makes an effort to avert from a fist and sees a the back of the eye immediately index desire crack, originally the companions that should hurtle to come over together Alex Reyes Youth Jersey already whole be killed to fall on the ground, not large numbers of soldiers who wear a black dry skeleton chest badge in the distance start carrying rifles with loaded bullets of hurtle into wharf.
    Wait until he twists overdo see Yang Qiu of several hundred behinds in the guard just cold to looking at him, finally understand originally the somebody else early have been already taken precautions against!Immediately spirit eyes Be blood-red to want to scold a few s give vent to anger, a butt end has already right against the face hit.
    Once the gun voice of wharf ring, Hankow of the quite a few place also rang out an explosion and fight a voice at the same time, intensive if stir-frying the gun voice of bean sort would just just resumed equanimity to Hankow draw in dismay and scream in a little while, numerous people frighten the facial ex

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