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     Post subject: need with Germany be doing
    PostPosted: December 7th, 2017, 7:35 pm 

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    o stage a comeback and worries to ask a way too much:"How many new troops sets set up a work?"
    Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi turns over to open date book and says after seeing an eye:"The joss-stick Pu(Cai Ji Min's word) is being responsible for six sets of trips to set up a work, listen to he say Dellin Betances Youth Jersey currently Dian laurel old soldier already the set set up 3 trips, but among them Dian soldier two trip dissatisfied member, 3 soldiers of trips of soldier and surplus needed just in three grounds of drafts, anticipate by the end of next month can all take seat to open to leave for long the sand carry on training, the amount of money can raise from the activity accept Qian Kuan who pay the sale.Is two guard teacher need of the old soldiers are also rushing through to a man sun, material buy me have already given order, however these two teacher flowers sell the pretty big and anticipate all plaits and complete and need 6,000,000 and reckon like this money leaving in the activity need to all go fetch a set of plait troops."
    The chapter is too Derek Jeter Youth Jersey burning to still have some not trust, cross-examine a way:"Can these troopses when send use?I hear Yuan a life time Kai there of the troops scale has already been small 200,000 quickly."
    "Guard's teacher should be very quick, all of half the number are old soldiers, leave half new soldiers also is all reserve service again Xun of, at the latest the end of March can complete all trainings, see Didi Gregorius Youth Jersey a material currently.Other problems aren't big, mainly is a machine gun Liu Qing En say he monthly supports to die also 100 stand of appearance, this time two teachers need 700, even if take out stock at least would not° until wait until at the end of June complete as well, so I estimate to completely can pull up to also want to wait until the beginning of July."Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi finishes saying and thinks of what, open date book to say after turning over several pages:"Fly a brigade in the morning the call reported, we what wes made copy the first airplane a few days ago have already tried to fly success and wait next month Germany of motor arrive goods empress can start work, this time and totally want to construct 50s or so."
    The understand chapter of Tang Shao Yi blazes to worry too much what, ha ha a smile:"Bing Lin need not worry too much, I think perhaps can hardly beat in a year."
    "Why?He Yuan a life time Kai again not Xing Tang."The chapter is too burning or that son go crazy a strength, the speech didn't hate a way:"Always grow you to are swept floor to go out, say not to calculate."
    "Hi!"Make reference to crazy speech crazy language, ten Tang Shao Yi all can not compare with a chapter bedlamite, so the Hey been choked voice empress even he also smiled by himself:"He really Dietrich Enns Youth Jersey doesn't believe Tang, and with my understand to him, this time he was iron the heart want to beat, just he has no money!"
    "We also have no money."His lord Tang Shao Yi just finished saying and stated that the tree Kai also wore a woebegone expression, under the reason of southwest bank because the farm tax and excise taxes all wanted to walk everywhere this link circulated, in order to made the government better supervision, actually already become future the embryo of the National Central Bank, so this bank accepts to return Ministry of Finance have already certainly been necessarily going, but this matter would not° until wait Yang Qiu to come back decide, so he is still responsible for taking charge of currently.However because

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